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Woh, No One Knows What a Browser Is?

by Ed Gately on October 27, 2009 · 1 comment

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I was scanning my usual news online today, and I stumbled upon something I find hard to believe. But strangely if I think about it, I guess it actually makes sense.

Google did a recent random survey in Times Square, New York. There is a little video floating around on YouTube that is worth the watch, It’s pretty funny.

So anyway this is kind of scary for website owners, developers, and especially people like Google who are trying to get their new browser out there. If people don’t even know what a browser is then how do you get them to use a new browser?

For website owners and developers I think the issue comes down to supporting all the old browsers.

IE6 is a pain.

You can get your website looking perfect for all the new current browsers that are all standards compliant, whether that’s IE8, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.

Then you pull up your site on a friends computer still running IE6 and you think, “holy cow, that’s not what it’s supposed to look like”.

It’s a sad day indeed to realize how unaware people are about what a browser is.

Google has created an entire campaign around educating people about what is a browser. Checkout the website, and here’s another short video that is also available on their website.

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