Is Twitter A Bloggers Friend Or A Waste Of Time?

by David Porter on December 31, 2008 · 1 comment

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There are lots of tools, services and WordPress plugins out there that help generate traffic to your blog.

Some are good, some are not so good.

Some are productive, some not so productive.

So, where does Twitter come in to the mix?

Well first off, for those of you that don’t know what Twitter is, it’s a free service that allows you to give quick, straight to the point updates on what you’re doing.

It’s kind of like Mini-Blogging in a way.

If you’re going to wash your car, play with the kids and watch the game, you’d put a “Tweet” in your Twitter account that would be something like…

“Easy day today.  Washing the car, spending time with the kids then watching the game.  Thank God for the weekend!”

That’s it.  Notice it’s short, sweet and to the point right.

Well, this service (Twitter) has quickly been picking up speed for some time now and people are making it a part of their everyday life AND their everyday blog promotion (check out my Twitter account).

See, you can put links in Twitter letting people know what websites you’re checking out or even links leading to new blog posts you do.  Then, when people start to “Follow” you on Twitter, they see when you put a Tweet online and if you have a link in it, they see the link and can click it.

Because of this people have been doing some pretty cool things with Twitter.

A Great Twitter WordPress Plugin:

A guy named Alex King came up with a free WordPress plugin that will automatically add a new Tweet to your Twitter account when ever you do a new blog post.  The Tweet let’s people know about your new blog post and even links to it.  So, all of the people following you on Twitter now instantly have a link to your new blog post.

You can get Alex’s Twitter plugin on his website.  The plugin is called Twitter Tools.

Software programs are coming out that will help you add Tweets to your Twitter account, there’s a bunch of FireFox add-ons available, there are WordPress Plugins out there and I even saw one guy a little while ago selling a $67.00 a month membership for a web based program that did all sorts of Twitter things for you.

So, with all of this Twitter stuff getting bigger and bigger online, with all of the software, plugins and services out there – is Twitter REALLY a service that bloggers should be using regularly to generate traffic to their blogs?

My AnswerYES!

Yes, Twitter is an amazing traffic generation tool, but it’s more than just that.  You can learn a LOT about any topic by just following other Twitter users and checking out the stuff they’re doing, websites their visiting and getting involved in their Tweets.

BUT – there is a catch (there’s always a catch right)!

If you just setup a Twitter account and start adding links to it or just adding your blog post links, no one is going to want to follow you or keep following you.

Getting people to follow you and keep following you is where all of the power of Twitter comes in.

So, how do you get the most out of Twitter?  How do you get loads of traffic from Twitter over and over again?


Don’t just post links or just blog links.  Actually get in there and start telling people what you’re doing in your life, in you’re niche and so on.

Here’s another GREAT tip for you to.

Setup a separate Twitter account for each niche based blog you have, then post everything you do in that niche or for that niche and your new blog posts to that Twitter account.

People will see that you’re active, your Tweets are all about the same topic and they will start to pay attention to your Tweets – AND – they will start clicking on the links you do add to your account.

So, Start Tweeting today!

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About The Author: David Porter has been blogging online using Wordpress for over 3 years now and has been testing, tweaking and improving on the system as he moved forward in his blogging experiences.

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