Free Backlinks Using Social Bookmarking

If you've studied SEO techniques at all you already know how important it is to have backlinks to your site.
Doesn't really even matter what kind of site you have, links from other sites to your site is how the search engines find you.
In addition once you are found the search engines use these links as kind of a "voting" system to determine the value of your site. The more backlinks to your site the better, but the quality of the links you are getting is also very important.
So don't just immediately think that getting 1,000's of links will do anything for you if they are just from random no name sites. Another reason to go after high quality backlinks is the larger benefit than just SEO purposes.
I was talking with the owner of a large blog once and he brought something to light that I never realized before.
He said that his number one source of traffic was Google.
He received probably 30-40% of his traffic from searches on Google.
But if you looked at the rest of the traffic as a whole, he was receiving 60% of his traffic all from other sites that were linking to him.
While he'd never wish loosing Google's traffic, the rest of his traffic all came from backlinks, and it was even more valuable from him on it's own.

So let's talk more on getting a backlink booster shot

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