WordPress As A Salesletter and Better SEO

by David Porter on June 3, 2009 · 1 comment

in Wordpress Advanced

What’s one of the big things people selling online eventually shoot for?


They usually try and shoot for some good search engine rankings to try and generate free traffic from the search engines, right.

The interesting thing is most people end up spending hours and hours looking for information, ebooks, software and whatever else they can find to help them get those higher search engine rankings…

…and most of those people never end up getting even close to the top of the engines for any given “good” keyword.

Most of these people (maybe even you) are using static pages (basic html pages made with some editor like FrontPage or DeamWeaver) to build their websites and end up sitting in front of their PCs or Macs making changes to their title tags, keywords and trying to hit a specific keyword count in their content.

Well, this works for some, and works GREAT for others – but doesn’t work for most.

Using WordPress As A Selling Tool For Easier Content Management and Better SEO!

This is where WordPress comes in.

See, WordPress can be used to do just about anything you want it to.

One thing a LOT of people completely dismiss though is using WordPress as a selling tool.

See, because WordPress is a content management system, you CAN use it to actually sell your goods and services online.

You can take WordPress and use it as a salesletter, a shopping cart or anything you really need it to be.

AND – you’ll get MUCH BETTER search engine rankings while you’re doing it.

With all of the neat and cool little plugins WordPress has that make SEO as simple as point and click or just filling in some forms, you can easily start seeing the same search engine ranks normal blogs produce when you’re using WP as a selling engine.

You can use plugins like…

and others to start selling with WordPress and get good SEO.

PLUS, with WP’s built in commenting system you have an instant way to collect testimonials from users and customers.

So – next time you’re putting a sales site together, consider WordPress :-)

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About The Author: David Porter has been blogging online using Wordpress for over 3 years now and has been testing, tweaking and improving on the system as he moved forward in his blogging experiences.

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