Thesis v1.7 is out! – New Features Inside!

by Ed Gately on March 31, 2010 · 0 comments

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I decided to be adventurous tonight and be one of the first folks to install the v1.7 release of Thesis by DIYthemes.  I’ve always been impressed by the code the team at DIY produce.  This new version will not disappoint.  Granularity of control seems to be the name of the game with this new release.

SEO goes to lightspeed

SEO for WordPress is going to be turned on its ear.  You now have the option to apply custom <head>  and javascript settings for every post and page…. yes EVERY one.  On top of that, you can also control ROBOT <meta> tages (noindex, nofolow, noarchive) for every post and page too!  All of these options are no grouped on a new Thesis menu option titled PAGE OPTIONS.

Menu Layout Changes

I did have a moment of panic when I was looking to tweak the configuration of my Home Page meta only to find it missing from where I expected it.  Version 1.7 of Thesis has had a reboot of the organization its menu.  Items seem to be more logically associated.

There are 5 main pages now:

  • Site Options – organized for most of your top level configuration items
  • Design Options – organized to hold all items css type items
  • Page Options – new item holding page, post, category <head>, robots <meta> and javascript customizations
  • Custom File Editor – virtually unchanged
  • Options Manager – AMAZING addition to save your config (Backup, Upload, Restore) crazy good for theme developers
  • Java Support

    Poking around I noticed several check boxes for jQuery, jQueryUI, Prototype, MooTools, and others.  This will be killer for removing the need for JS library folders.  I can’t wait to get to playing with these.

    Other feature ups

    • Easy 301 redirects for your affiliate links
    • New headline filter for creating diverse posts styles (think of “asides”)
    • Beefed-up Internationalization – better translation support
    • Improved core element defaults
    • Flexible new comment system – drag and drop display order of comments, trackbacks and comment form.

    Installation was pretty painless.  I would like to mention there is a slight difference between the Video Upgrade Tutorial vs the Written Upgrade Tutorial.  I wound up making a small mistake following the written upgrade tutorial.  (I will be posting an update on my little adventure with this later)  Follow the Video Upgrade Tutorial and you will be golden.

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