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Does CAPTCHA Hurt Your Blog?
The main reason someone would consider using CAPTCHA on their blog to begin with is probably to try and prevent spammers. You open a website, and over time you'll notice that as your site gets found online the spam starts flowing in. It's a bitter sweet feeling. If the bots can find you, then people...
Moving your WordPress Site?
Don’t forget hidden files.
After helping move a Wordpress Installation for someone today, we found the site not working.
Specifically what appeared to be broken was the post and page links.
The home page displayed just fine, but try to go any deeper than that and all you see is 404 errors.
Turns out hidden files need to be...
Fix your WordPress 404 error page
Previously I wrote a post about taking responsibility for your 404 errors.
Today I want to spend a little bit of time going over what I've done to change my own 404 error page. Wordpress actually makes it very easy to program an improved 404 error page. had an interesting article on a fe...
Upload Permissions for WordPress in Plesk
Installing Wordpress is a pretty easy and straight forward task.
Sometimes your hosting situation can throw you a few snags.
Recently I came across an issue with the Media Upload folder in Plesk.
Wordpress would create a portion of the path but not the entire path.
The solution while elusive, wa...
Accessing WordPress functions from external PHP pages
So a friend of mine shoots me an email today.
She had a front end website, just set of basic pages built with PHP and one of the links on the navigation was a Wordpress blog installed on the same hosting.
She wanted to display an RSS feed in the sidebar of the front end website by using a nifty li...
Five Core Plugins every WordPress Needs
I've been running many blogs, I have even built many websites for customers using Wordpress.
This includes using Wordpress as a CMS, or as a blog system.
In every case there are a few core features that each site needs, and the plugins I keep going back to deliver these features just simply work.
Are you suffering from WordPress Plugin overload?
One of the things I like best about Wordpress is how lightweight it is.
It's simple, it does it's job, highly customizable.
Plus, even though it is simple it can be made to be much more complicated through the use of plugins.
You can add just the features and abilities that you need for your site...
Redirecting Feed to Feedburner with htaccess
In anything I do with a website I always keep overhead in mind.
Redirecting your RSS feed to Feedburner can easily be done with a htaccess redirect.
It doesn't have the overhead of a plugin, and it does the job.
And in the process I learned a quick little lesson about just trying to save time by ...
The Hottest WordPress Theme on the Market just got Hotter
I’ve been working with WordPress it seems like forever. I’ve tried so many different WordPress Themes that I couldn’t count them all. You have free ones, and if you try them you know you get what you pay for. But free ones can still work if you are a developer, they’ll at lea...
Why You Should Be Using WordPress
Well, Wordpress has a lot of benefits, features and even income generating aspects to it that most other blogging platforms don't. Wordpress provides...
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