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htaccess Rules for WordPress Permalinks
I recently moved a website for a client from one hosting company to another hosting company.
The entire blog was broken though.
Every time I clicked a link or tried to visit a post it resulted in a "Page not Found".
From looking at the URL, it was obvious that it was using Permalinks. Since the s...
Moving your WordPress Site?
Don’t forget hidden files.
After helping move a Wordpress Installation for someone today, we found the site not working.
Specifically what appeared to be broken was the post and page links.
The home page displayed just fine, but try to go any deeper than that and all you see is 404 errors.
Turns out hidden files need to be...
Redirecting Feed to Feedburner with htaccess
In anything I do with a website I always keep overhead in mind.
Redirecting your RSS feed to Feedburner can easily be done with a htaccess redirect.
It doesn't have the overhead of a plugin, and it does the job.
And in the process I learned a quick little lesson about just trying to save time by ...
WordPress 2.7 Permalink Issue and Fix
WordPress recently released their latest update, making it 2.7. I was (and am) excited about it because it’s a whole new look and feel for the admin backend of things and they have some very cool added features to. Stuff like… Install new plugins right from your WordPress install without...
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