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Five Core Plugins every WordPress Needs
I've been running many blogs, I have even built many websites for customers using Wordpress.
This includes using Wordpress as a CMS, or as a blog system.
In every case there are a few core features that each site needs, and the plugins I keep going back to deliver these features just simply work.
Are you suffering from WordPress Plugin overload?
One of the things I like best about Wordpress is how lightweight it is.
It's simple, it does it's job, highly customizable.
Plus, even though it is simple it can be made to be much more complicated through the use of plugins.
You can add just the features and abilities that you need for your site...
5 Ways To Use WordPress Besides Blogging
WordPress is an amazing content management system (cms) and blogging system and can be used for just about any type of website you can imagine. With the right WordPress plugins, you can make your WP install do just about anything and almost all of the plugins out there are free. There are some &#822...
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