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Fix your WordPress 404 error page
Previously I wrote a post about taking responsibility for your 404 errors.
Today I want to spend a little bit of time going over what I've done to change my own 404 error page. Wordpress actually makes it very easy to program an improved 404 error page. had an interesting article on a fe...
Why should you be taking responsibility for your 404 errors?
Are you blaming your visitors for getting a 404 error?
And more importantly is it really their fault?
And even if it is their fault, is it better to take the blame and help them move to a page that does exist, or just go ahead and leave a default error page up and loose that visitor to the rest of...
Five Core Plugins every WordPress Needs
I've been running many blogs, I have even built many websites for customers using Wordpress.
This includes using Wordpress as a CMS, or as a blog system.
In every case there are a few core features that each site needs, and the plugins I keep going back to deliver these features just simply work.
Are you suffering from WordPress Plugin overload?
One of the things I like best about Wordpress is how lightweight it is.
It's simple, it does it's job, highly customizable.
Plus, even though it is simple it can be made to be much more complicated through the use of plugins.
You can add just the features and abilities that you need for your site...
Are you Brainstorming to “Feed” Content Ideas to your Blog?
There is no reason for me to beat the dead horse about how important content is for your site.
If you are running a blog it's really obvious,how do we brainstorm for new content ideas?
Especially if you are running a quality niche blog, it can be really easy to run out of "hot" topics for your nic...
Turn WordPress Into A Sales and Listing Building Machine
WordPress IS the ultimate content management system and it’s progressing more with every update. On top of that, more and more very cool plugins and themes are being developed to help make your WordPress sites the best they can be. I did a post a while back about using WordPress as a saleslett...
Publish Your Blog On Amazon
Now this is very cool! I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the “Kindle” from right. Well, this new tech-toy has been getting bigger and bigger as time goes by and many people are actually making some pretty good cash with it. Not only that, BUT -- you can now also...
As A Blogger, I Don’t Know If I Like Your Tone!
It’s all about tone! Tone in your writing, how you write and what you write. If you don’t have the right “Tone” in your writing, people will either not understand you, miss quote you or take what you wrote and get the complete opposite meaning, then you originally meant for i...
Is Twitter A Bloggers Friend Or A Waste Of Time?
There are lots of tools, services and WordPress plugins out there that help generate traffic to your blog. Some are good, some are not so good. Some are productive, some not so productive. So, where does Twitter come in to the mix? Well first off, for those of you that don’t know what Twitter ...
Why You Should Be Using WordPress
Well, Wordpress has a lot of benefits, features and even income generating aspects to it that most other blogging platforms don't. Wordpress provides...
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