Make Your Own WordPress Plugins – Even With No Programming Skills

by David Porter on March 22, 2009 · 6 comments

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Now this is CRAZY, and something I REALLY DO wish I had my hands on weeks, if not months ago.

See, I just recently WASTED $150.00 in programming fees to have a custom WordPress plugin made for me (going to be released soon)

Now, the money wasn’t really wasted. The programmer did a GREAT job and the plugin pretty much does what I need it to do. I just have to get into it and make a few little changes and that’s it.

BUT – I could have SAVED money on the programming fees!

I could have saved anywhere from $50 to even $75 on the programmers fees, IF I had this AWESOME new thingy I’m about to tell you about.

Okay, so last week I’m surfing around checking out some WordPress stuff, and I get this email with the subject line, “Make Your Own WordPress Plugins“.

Now, will that grab MY attention? YES! I do own blog called WordPress Master, do I not :-)

Anyway, of course I go and check it out and man was I freakin’ pissed. I JUST spent $150 on something that could have been more like $75 bucks, if I had this new WordPress tool.

So, I bought it!

Go figure right.

Well, here’s what this thing is all about.

You really CAN start making your own WordPress plugins.

This new tool is called: WordPress Crusher

Basically, it’s 7 or 8 WordPress plugin TEMPLATES!

Yes, you read that right – plugin templates.

These are pre-made WordPress plugins that are designed to work right out of the box, or, you can edit the heck out of them and make them do what ever you want them to.

He gives full instructions on how to make some simple changes and even gives you videos to watch and follow along with.

I mean, how many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I could find a WordPress plugin that would do____“?

I’ve said it a tons of times. I won’t say it anymore now, but I have said it a lot in the past.

And here’s the really cool thing about this.

Even if you have NO CLUE how to make changes to PHP code, or you don’t want to even mess with making changes to PHP code ,this package is still a killer for your to get.

Think about this.

You can take these pre-written plugin templates and you go find a cheap programmer on a site like Rent-A-Code or or eLance, then give the programmer the plugin template you choose, and it’s less work the programmer has to do.

What does that mean? Well, the less work the programmer has to do, the less money you will have to pay.

So even if you don’t know, or don’t want to know, how to mess with PHP and all of the other things needed for changing WordPress plugin code, you can still save 20% to 50% off your programming costs.

Anyway, I was so jazzed up about this thing that I had to do a blog post about it :-)

I recommend getting yourself a copy of WordPress Crusher right away.

Here’s the web link for you.

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About The Author: David Porter has been blogging online using Wordpress for over 3 years now and has been testing, tweaking and improving on the system as he moved forward in his blogging experiences.

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Debt Consolidation April 1, 2009 at 4:12 am

This sounds very interesting indeed. I just checked it out and now am considering whether to pay the $47 for this or not. I just might – I just hope it works in helping me create lots of good plugins. Thanks for sharing this anyway. i appreciate it.


David Porter April 10, 2009 at 1:25 pm


The product is VERY good, but you need to be willing to dig into code yourself. Or at least get a programmer for your coding then use the templates in the product to cut down your plugin design costs.


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